Child Care Cente Established

Child care center has been established in Dakshin Dhoka ,Jorpati for Low Class working families .

A caring environment for the young ones SAMA runs a Child Care Centers in Kathmandu (in the Eastern part of Nepal), caring for more then 22 children in the center, children aged between 1 and 6. The children come from a variety of backgrounds where the parents are very poor economically and illiterate too.The poor parents have to work long hours though they are paid low which is unable to fulfill their basic needs also.They have a very hard life. The poor parents either have to take their young children to work with them or leave them unattended. Many children are injured in work place accidents and children left unattended are targets for violence, sexual abuse and trafficking into the sex trade. The Child Care Centres provide a safe and loving environment for the children who benefit from a basic fundamental education, nutritious food and healthcare (including childhood vaccines). The Child Care Centres give children the chance to engage in important childhood activities such as drawing, story-telling, dancing and playing musical instruments, quite time(including daily sessions for group and individuals),group programs, individual activities,meals,snacks and free time.It has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and nurturing environment. Our goal is to provide these children with a healthy and loving atmosphere where they can grow and develop to enjoy their childhood years.We aim to give them the education and preparation they need to be able to continue their lives. Make a donation to run the Child Care Centres