Girls Access To Education

Girls Access to Education will be an alternative education to girls who were deprived of the educational opportunity to go to school as the majority of the children working in the carpet industry under 14 years of age were girls. It will use an integrated approach aimed at supporting the educational growth and healthy development of adolescent girls.
The twelve-month-long non-formal education programme will provide them with foundation skills through a curriculum that will simultaneously build their knowledge, skills and healthy attitudes on issues of personal health, child rights, safety and protection from sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking. Supplementary education about safe migration and trafficking will be part of this programme as girls are extremely vulnerable to trafficking and sexual abuse that can occur in the carpet factories. Older Girls as peer educators will play a valuable role in the factory environment as they experienced many problems due to lack of knowledge and life skills.
The GATE Project is designed for girls aged 10-14 years and will include those who have never had the chance to enrol in school as well those who have dropped out of school during the first years of primary school. To contribute to the girls’ long-term opportunities, every effort will be made to help girls smoothly transition into Let’s Go to School or to link them with Self Employment Accessibility Training. This kind of link is critical for the future of adolescent girls, as the overall goal is to enable them to develop life skills that can have a sustainable impact in their life encompassing literacy and numeric skills, self-confidence, knowledge of health and safety issues, as well as livelihood development skills.