Self Employment Accessibility Training & Family Support Initiative

Self Employment Accessibility Training will develop the skills needed for self-employment for participants. Skills will be developed through class study and through actually running a business. The Project will support the youth to get engaged in microfinance and regular savings and credit activities. Where possible they will be helped to build relationships with local organisations so that it will be easier to get financial help from them to operate the business once they get started.
FSI: Large families, poverty, sickness or the break-up of a marriage force families into the carpet industry. The poorest families most likely to need to return children to child labour without other support. Family Support Initiative will provide training and support for the women from these families to form microfinance groups. The women will then be supported to diversify family livelihoods. They will be promoted to adopt different income generating activities so that they will not solely rely on income from the carpet factories and can look after their children educational needs.
FSI Project will be women empowerment & livelihood generation project. In this project, vocational education will be provided to women & girls working in Carpet Factory and are willing to join this project. This project offers a wide variety of courses such as Basic Computer Training, Conversational English, Bag & Candle Making, Knitting & Sewing, Tailoring, etc.
Moreover, FSI will provide support in setting up Self Help Groups (SHG), where women organize themselves to save small sums of money regularly, thus contributing to a common fund, which will be used to meet emergency needs on the basis of mutual help. The fund will be also used to give out loans to individual women e.g. to buy a sewing machine, consequently supporting the women on their way to self-employment.
The next step will be to help the women with opening bank accounts, ensuring their salary will be used for the benefit of them and their family needs. Moreover, they will start saving for their own sewing machines, so that they are independent from using the machine which will be provided by SAMA at the Project.