Let’s Go to School Project

 Let’s Go to School Project will provide an opportunity to the children working in Carpet Factory, who are willing to attend formal education. The Project will provide the scholarships to children that have been working full or part-time in carpet factories to help them attend school. In-kind scholarships, uniforms, stationery, payment of school fees, etc. will be provided to ensure that they attend school regularly and completely leave work in the carpet factories.
The scholarships and the supporting activities are at the center of our LGS initiatives, and we will ensure that the children stay motivated throughout the school year and receive the support they need from their teachers and families.

All the school kids will be provided necessary books, stationeries, shoes, and school uniforms as well as other clothes or medical care if required. Coming mostly from illiterate families, the children usually don’t receive support with their homework and studies within their families (even if their parents are generally supportive), therefore we will provide tutoring classes of Math, Science and English, which are the most common subjects that the children struggle with.

The progress of the children will be monitored periodically and meetings with the teachers are held, to discuss each child and its individual needs.
During our identification process under LGS initiative, each and every family had more or less similar kind of problem and all are forced to work in Carpet Factory due to bad economic situation.