Child Care Center

 This project resembles a path to disoriented children. The core motive of the project is to help the children recognize the alphabets, numbers, several words and the associated meanings along with the sentence construction, which would serve as a spark to the early part of their life abided by the darkness of misfortune. Such misfortunate children are the ones who are compelled to spend their life in the absence of one of the major fundamental rights of the children, the right to education, due to the poor family background or having no family at all. Such children are even the victim of child labor and sexual abuse. In the Foundation’s Child Care Centre, the children attain classes where they learn Nepalese, English, and Mathematics. They get involved in various activities – like storytelling, drawing, dancing, and singing – and role-plays which enhance their learning efficiency along with fun and enjoyment. In addition, they also get the nutritious food and healthcare facilities in the Centre. The Centre is a support to those parents who are economically so suffered that they don’t even have time to take care of their children in rush of working for livelihood while lacking enough income to educate their children. As the matter of fact, the Centre is targeted towards all children from around the circle where they’re trapped amidst the lack of basic requirements, which a child needs to initiate her/his pace – to be accelerated to the better walk of life further; and the Centre attempts to fulfill such requirements by not only providing the basic education, nutritious food, and healthcare services but also with loving and caring environment which is important for the children. So let’s work hand-in-hand to work for the better future of the Nepalese children. You can volunteer or/and donate to help.