We have been working with various donors and organization in different projects some of have been giving us very good support in full filling our agendas. Some of their testimonies are shown below


VOLUNTEER Help is always a collective act. No motive of helping the people in need can be accomplished without the support from people who want to share hands in such deeds, out of their generosity and interest. That is why, the Foundation has forwarded the Volunteer program. The program is the means to develop a collective capacity – in terms of skills, abilities, and experiences – within the Foundation so that every project of the Foundation excel in its effectiveness. Such projects would be served by a set of people, as Volunteers, who possess a variety of knowledge and experiences in the particular field which guarantee projects’ effectiveness. Their abilities and suggestions based on experiences would be valuable input to the Foundation’s capacity and thus to the projects. From the Volunteers’ point of view, apart from the keen interest of helping people, the program is an opportunity for them to apply their knowledge – be it directly related to the projects’ characteristics or otherwise; gain new experiences; and be satisfied on the work they are interested to pursue in their life. A Volunteer chooses specific projects that she/he wants to serve, on the basis of her/his area of interest. She/he indulges in the different cultures, while dealing with the people from different cultural backgrounds, while trying to apply what she/he knows to help them under the operating projects, and at the same time trying to assimilate own culture with the new one. Throughout this, she/he gains completely new learning experiences. Volunteers’ stay arrangements – like food, lodge, and transportation – are all rendered by the Foundation for certain fees. The fees collected from the Volunteers are re-invested in the projects of the Foundation. You can apply for the Volunteer program here.